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RoHS 2, extended scope

TÜV Rheinland Logo, Contact us at info@nl.tuv.comTen years after the introduction of RoHS, a new European Union RoHS Directive (known as RoHS Recast or RoHS 2) has been adopted since January 2, 2013. The original RoHS Directive (2002/95/EC) was brought into force in order to limit the component concentration of six hazardous substances found in EEE as they are harmful to the environment.

Change of scope

RoHS 2 is an updated version of RoHS. There are no additions to or difference in the six restricted substances. However, significant changes are in terms of scope that has been extended to ALL electrical and electronic equipment including medical devices, monitoring and control instruments. TÜV Rheinland Logo, Contact us at info@nl.tuv.comAdditionally RoHS 2 is now included in the group of CE marking directives, implying that manufacturers must now assure it is also RoHS 2 compliant beside any other relevant CE directive before applying the CE mark to a product.
Revisions to the law also impact exemptions, data collection, risk management, and technical documentation as per EN 50581:2012.


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