Coatings, product labelling

You can document and prove the quality of your coatings, lacquers and paint. This benefits your marketing and sales strategy, helps to increase sales in new and established markets

Proving quality

By proving the quality of coating products, manufacturers and suppliers gain better market access and increase sales. As a test mark certifies the quality of the coating, lacquer or paint, labelling is key to your success in your sales and marketing strategy.

Our TÜV Rheinland experts conduct performance tests in our labs prior to market launch and after introduction on the market and will test random market samples to ensure the coating, lacquer or paint still comply with the standards as referred to with the product label.

Contact TÜV Rheinland for product labelling

We can help you withproving the quality of your coatings, lacquers and paints. Visit our website to get to know our services or contact us directly at

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